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Our company has a wide range of products, including chitosan series, D-glucosamine series, collagen, GS-chitosanase, and so on. Natural biological chitin is extracted from shells of marine shrimp and crab. After acid and alkali treatment, it is turned into chitin derivatives, such as chitosan, glucosamine hydrochloride and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. As the only positively charged polysaccharide in nature, chitin can balance negative charge in human body. So it is widely used in healthy industries such as healthy food, medicine and cosmetics.

In recent years, our company put a lot of resources to develop new products and we hire an associate professor as director of the R & D center to develop chitosan and GS-chitosanase. At present, we have established pilot plant of GS-chitosanase which can produce chitosan in batch and this pilot plant is equipped with enzyme fermentation integrated device and spray-drying equipment. GS-chitosanase can be used to degrade chitosan. Through combination of membrane separation technology and strict control of enzymatic reaction conditions, special average molecular weight distribution and narrow molecular weight distribution chitosan can be produced. Brand new integrated assembly line is used in chitosan production line and glucosamine hydrochloride production line. At the same time, GMP clean workshop is constructed for manufacturing pharmaceutical chitosan and pharmaceutical glucosamine hydrochloride which can meet domestic and international drug standards.

In 2002, our company passed ISO9000-2008 certification and obtained drug manufacturing certificate in 2011. With regard to raw materials, part of shrimp and crab shells are imported from abroad. After processing such as calcium removal by acid treatment and protein removal by alkali treatment, these shells are used to manufacture chitin. Outsourcing chitin is used to produce chitosan and glucosamine hydrochloride by acid or alkali treatment. Before processing, content of moisture and ash should be controlled. For raw materials of production equipment, enamel is used and it is resistant to acid and corrosion. Relevant job training of manufacturing operation is required for operating personnel. In terms of standards of chitosan, corporate standards, which are higher than the industry standards, are adopted. For manufacturing of glucosamine hydrochloride, quality standards of United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) 34 are applied. After manufacturing, finished products are packaged by medical double-layer polyethylene film and fiber can and stored at room temperature.