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Chitosan Soap

Chitosan soap is light yellow bar soap with uniform color and fresh aroma. This product has rich foam and the foam is easy to wash. As ordinary antibacterial product, total active matter content of this product is higher than industrial standards. At the same time, this product has detergency property and low irritation. For people who are allergic to high pH cleanser, this product has moisture absorption, skin oil secretion regulation and other effects. Because chitosan can absorb heavy metals, this product can chelate heavy ions and effectively inhibit staphylococcus aureus. Chitosan soap has good compatibility with other skin lightening and anti-aging active ingredients. Our products should be stored in dry, clean and dark place and they can't be transported together with harmful, toxic or contaminated items. Of course, exposure to rain should be banned.

Detailed Specifications
Item Specification
Appearance Light yellow bulk, no obvious impurity and dirt
Content of total active ingredient ≥85.0%
Water and volatile substance ≤10.0%
Content of total free alkali (measured by sodium hydroxide) ≤0.30%
Content of caustic alkali (measured by sodium hydroxide) ≤0.10%
Content of chitosan ≥0.5%
Functional additive ≤1.5%
Chloride (measured by sodium chloride) ≤1.0%
Staphylococcus aureus Negative
Package 50g,100g and so on

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