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Chitosan Capsule / Tablet

Chitosan is the only positively charged natural bioactive product and it is regarded as animal cellulose. With many physiological functions, it is internationally known as another life element apart from protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral. In human body, this product exists in cationic form and it can combine with bile acid and bile salt. To be more specific, this product can control the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases source by preventing gastrointestinal absorption of excess lipids, reducing lipid and cholesterol accumulation in liver, lowering LDL and elevating HDL. So this product can clear the garbage in the intestinal tract, cell and blood, regulate blood lipid, blood sugar, blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity, restore elasticity of blood vessel and achieve the efficacy of prevention.

High-density and water-soluble chitosan is refined from medical grade chitosan and Alaska deep-sea crab cod is used as the raw material. Modern high-tech biotechnology refinement and extraction are used to produce this product so it has higher purity, better activity, stronger cationic nature, less accommodative response and easier to be comprehensively utilized by human body. This product has become a new generation of healthy product to comprehensively regulate body's function. As essential element for day-to-day care, this product can help you prevent violations of various diseases of modern civilization and ensure a long and healthy life. To be more specific, the effectiveness of high density chitosan is 3 times of ordinary product and it can achieve lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic and weight loss by adsorbing and removing fat, cholesterol and chloride ion in a short period of time. At the same time, it can strengthen liver function, inhibit tumors and enhance immune function.
Water soluble chitosan is refined from high density product. As a new generation of chitosan healthy food, this product has stronger cationic property, higher absorption and utilization, more significant effect and lower adjustment reaction.

Chitosan capsule and tablet is suitable for people with low immune function and who are addicted to smoking, drinking and fresh meat. In addition, people who want to achieve body sculpting purpose and have good physical health can take this product. Of course, this product is also useful for people who use a lot of computer and work in harmful and toxic environment.

Detailed Specifications
Capsule: 2 bottles per box, 90 per bottle, each capsule 350 mg

As a specialized chitosan capsule / tablet manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide high purity chitin, DC grade D-Glucosamine sulfate, D-glucosamine hydrochloride, and GS-chitosan oligosaccharide, among others.

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