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GS-chitosanase is the trade name of chitosan enzyme preparation developed and mass manufactured by our company and this product is a novel enzyme in domestic. The main function of this product is to degrade chitosan and prepare chitosan oligosaccharides and water-soluble low molecular weight chitosan. The catalytic hydrolysis products are chitobiose,chitotriose and oligosaccharide with higher degree of polymerization. Relative contents of types of reaction products are depended on enzymatic reaction conditions. By controlling the conditions of the enzymatic reaction, our GS-chitosanase can prepare high qualitychitosan oligosaccharides and water-soluble low molecular weight chitosan with a variety of special polymerization degree distribution and low molecular weight distribution coefficient. These degradation products have very excellent physiological and biochemical activities so they are widely used in medicine, food, animal husbandry, fishery, daily cosmetics and many other areas.

Detailed Specifications
Item Dosage form Solid dosage form Liquid dosage form
Appearance Yellowish-brown powder, Easy to dissolve in water (there may be a small amount of insoluble stabilizing agent which can be dissolved by the enzyme) Yellowish-brown liquid
Enzyme activity (u/g, u/ml) 250u/g 10u/ml
Loss on drying (%) ≤8% -
Activity preservation rate (three months at 25℃) ≥90% ≥90%
Heavy metal (measured by Pb) ≤0.004% ≤0.004%
E. coli ≤3000cfu/ 100g ≤3000cfu/ 100g
Total bacteria count ≤ 50000cfu/g ≤ 50000cfu/g
Total count of mould ≤ 200cfu/g ≤ 200cfu/g
Salmonella Negative Negative

There are a couple of features of our product. Firstly, GS chitosan enzyme preparation is a kind of incision enzyme specific for chitosan and the main active ingredient of this product is GS-chitosanase (EC Excision enzymes such as glucosaminidase (EC and acetyl-hexosaminidase (EC are yet detected. Secondly, this product can be used to prepare oligosaccharides with certain degree of polymerization and narrow molecular weight distribution coefficient. Compared with ordinary products, these products have higher physiological activities. Thirdly,for enzymatic hydrolyzed products, the main degree of polymerization is from 2-12. Under special conditions, relative yield of oligosaccharides with degree of polymerization from 5 to 10 can be higher than 60. Last but not least, activity measurement method of this product makes it easy for user to control the enzymatic reaction process and termination time can be determined by amount of raw material and enzyme-to-substrate ratio. For detailed information, please refer to instruction.

Enzyme activity means the quantity of enzyme needed to convert 1mg chitosan in one minute under optimum conditions. At present, three are more than 20 customers of our product, including enterprises, institutes and colleges.

As a professional GS-chitosanase manufacturer and supplier in China, Golden-Shell provides a wide array of products that includes chitosan, DC Grade Glucosamine, collagen, and chitosan soap, among others.

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