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Generally, derivative of chitosan is produced by adding -CH2COOH of chloroacetic acid to NH2 or-OH of our product under alkaline conditions. So carboxymethyl type product has good water solubility. For water soluble chitosan, water solubility, deacetylation degree and molecular weight have some correlation with each other. The higher the deacetylation degree, the better the water solubility. Low molecular weight product has good water solubility and high molecular weight product has poor performance so it should be dissolved in acidic condition. Insoluble in water and only soluble in some diluted inorganic and organic acids, the application of ordinary product is largely limited. Water soluble chitosan is manufactured through special refining process so its solubility is significantly improved in comparison with ordinary product and high molecular characteristic of ordinary product is retained. So this product is very convenient and application range is much wider.

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