N-Carboxy Propionyl Chitosan Sodium (CPCTS)

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N-Carboxy Propionyl Chitosan Sodium (CPCTS)

N-carboxy propionyl chitosan sodium (CPCTS) is carboxylation modified from natural chitosan extracted from natural marine creatures. This product is white or slightly yellow colorless odorless amorphous translucent solid and it is very easy to dissolve. The solution is clear, transparent and stable. With excellent characteristic of moisture absorption, moisturizing, conditioning and antibacterial function, this product is widely used in moisturizer, shower gel, face cream, mousse, upscale cream, emulsion and colloid cosmetics. In addition, this product is also used in the field of food, fruit and vegetable moisturizing, preservative, sewage treatment flocculant, drug delivery agent, non-toxic adhesive, printing and dyeing and papermaking additive.

N-carboxy propionyl chitosan sodium is stored in a dry, clean and cool place and please gently load and unload it. Of course, it can't be transported with harmful, toxic or contaminated items. In addition, this product should not be exposed to rain.

Detailed Specifications
Item Specification
Appearance Transparent or semitransparent white or light yellow unshaped solid
Degree of carboxylation ≥60%
Viscosity (1% aqueous solution) 10-80mpa.s
pH (1% aqueous solution) 6.0-8.0
Loss on drying ≤15.0%
Insoluble < 0.5%
Heavy metal < 5.0ppm
Package Fiber can (330mm×380mm) with double layer PE plastic bags as inside lining. Each package is 10.0kg and customization is available.

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