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Extracted from natural marine crustacean, DC Grade Glucosamine has the same structure with human cell membrane. In terms of application, this product is widely used in food, medicine and daily cosmetics. As a new type drug absorption enhancer, this product has many unmatched biochemical specificities such as fast absorption, high efficiency, no residue and non-toxic side effects. As a new food additive which is widely used in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, this product is regarded as one of the safest green additives. With many different functional groups, this product has many types of derivatives, such as sulfate 2KCl type, HCl type and sulfate 2NaCl type.

The appearance of DC Grade Glucosamine is white granular with slightly sweet taste and this product is soluble in water. This product can treat bone and joint diseases, supplement vitamin D and calcium and improve the metabolism of articular cartilage. In addition, this product has anticancer effects, especially for melanin tumor, lung cancer and kidney cancer. As a pharmaceutical material, it has adjunctive therapeutic effect for rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and so on. Double layer of polyethylene film plastic bag packaging is used as inside lining of fiber can so this package has low water absorption and high impact strength, easy for storage and transportation. Of course, our company can provide customized granulation of DC Grade Glucosamine according to different requirements of customers.

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